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1.9 WOW Classic vs Modern (BFA)

1.9 WOW Classic vs Modern (BFA)

WOW Classic is about to launch. We debate WOW Classic vs Modern WOW (BFA) in our first ever VERSUS segment! Which do you think will become more popular? Is there a version you are particularly excited about? Plus we discuss the concepts of Nostalgia and Hype. Do you ever struggle with remembering the past either too favorably or too harshly? And how does that impact your present and hope for the future?Thanks so much for checking out our podcast! Please remember to subscribe for future episodes, and check out the original video recording on our YouTube Channel!  ShatterCast is a production of Shattered Studios, a non-profit organization that seeks to share hope and faith through the performance, creative, and media arts. ShatteredStudios.netMusic, Used with Permission: "Hollowed Days" Original version by Simon Zapata Varela "Imprenta Fragante" featuring Ellie Moreau release featuring Dustin and Ellie Moreau (aka "Modern Temple") the show (

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