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Episode 108: Michelle Ghee: You Have to Be Prepared and Not Walk in Fear.

Episode 108: Michelle Ghee: You Have to Be Prepared and Not Walk in Fear.

This week we have Michele Thornton Ghee joining me in the guest chair.  Michele is  a proven executive that has worked for some of the most powerful media companies in the world. She currently serves as the Managing Partner for Stratechic Alliance. A small part of Ghee’s legacy is her tenure at BET. Michele was SVP of Media Sales for BET Her (formerly Centric TV). She was instrumental in rebranding Centric as ‘The First Network Designed for Black Women’ and then again into BET Her. After losing her dad to cancer in 1997, Ghee decided to go back to school and received her Bachelor of Arts from Golden Gate University at the age of 30. In May 2017, she was honored with an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from her alma mater.   We talk about her work, what she has been doing during quarantine and how she is making sense of these critical times in our life right now. Not to mention her books, Stratechic: Life and Career Winning Strategies for Women; Strategchic 2.0 and Success on Your Terms.   You can connect with Michelle Ghee  W: Join my She’s Got Drive Facebook Group - and share with other women with drive. And join my Tuesday Trainings on creating a life you love. She's Got Drive Journals: buy it on Amazon here  You will love  30 Days of Gratitude -Making Every Day Count  If you loved the show please REVIEW it here on iTunes: FREE DOWNLOAD TO SUPPORT YOU: Download for free self care inventory pdf with the questions so you can reflect on how you can take better care of yourself. Click here To sign up for my Daily Love Notes❤️  coming into your inbox – sending loving messages every day to help us all stay grounded in these extraordinary times. In the space of social distancing let us do the work to deepen our connection.  Click here   SHE'S GOT DRIVE is produced by Cassandra Voltolina and music by awesome female band Blonde. Artwork by Natasha Merrifield Listen on iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher and Google Play and SoundCloud  Connect with me through Social Media FACEBOOK: Join the She's Got Drive Tribe on Facebook Community Page INSTAGRAM: :@shirleymcalpine_ To go to the She's Got Drive Facebook page WEBSITE:   

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