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Ep. 120 - Dr. Celine Gounder

Ep. 120 - Dr. Celine Gounder

Dr. Celine Gounder is taking on the world of disease and social injustice through treating and talking to people all over the world. She is known as the “Disease Detective” as she treats people suffering from HIV to Ebola to post surgical infections.  Not only is she a practicing physician but she is also taking on the role of Medical Journalist as she has covered topics from Ebola and Zika to the current opioid crisis.  What got Dr. Gounder interested in the world of medicine and social work in the first place? Her passion for wanting to make an impact on the world and love for science and serving others. Dr. Gounder is helping shine a light on injustices in all facets of the world by simply talking to those suffering and sharing their stories to help educate, enlighten and inspire others. 

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