Sam Demma, High Performance Coach

High Performing Student

Take control of your life and start CRUSHING your goals. The

Take control of your life and start CRUSHING your goals. The "High Performing Student" is hosted by 20-year-old entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and High-Performance Coach, Sam Demma. In each episode, you'll learn the small consistent actions, strategies, systems and mindsets that will help you gain clarity and begin laying the foundation to reach your goals. This show is all about equipping you with the practical tools and systems you need to take your life to the next level. Sam answer's your personal questions and features interviews with the world's most prominent visionaries so you can learn from their stories, failures and experiences.

Episodes: 80


[Fearless Series] #2 Make it your own

Duration: 20 min

[Fearless Series] #1 Intense Realism

Duration: 20 min

Have you had a full circle moment?

Duration: 16 min

How to use visualization to reach your goals

Duration: 15 min

You must take ownership (Here's how)

Duration: 14 min

Do you overthink things? (Listen to this)

Duration: 13 min

"Love what you do" (Worst Advice)

Duration: 15 min


Duration: 11 min

STOP being emotional about the result

Duration: 12 min

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