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Episode 36: Spring Morning in the Backyard

Episode 36: Spring Morning in the Backyard

This episode was recorded on a spring morning close to the busy birdfeeders in the backyard of a house in the small town of McCloud in Siskiyou County, California. The town sits at the forested foot of Mount Shasta, a large stratovolcano near the southern end of the Cascade Range. The morning chorus is in full swing as birds come and go from the feeders while Stellar and Scrub Jays call loudly, roosters crow and hens cluck busily, neighborhood dogs bark lonesomely, a wind chime plays softly, and cars occasionally pass on the highway. I recorded this episode on Easter morning in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. I hope wherever you are that you're doing okay, and I hope this podcast can provide you with a bit of peace during this ongoing crisis.    --- Support this podcast:

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