Startup Therapy


The "No BS" version of how startups are really built, taught by actual startup Founders who have lived through all of it. Hosts Wil Schroter and Ryan Rutan talk candidly about the intense struggles Founders face both personally and professionally as they try to turn their idea into something that will change the world.

Episodes: 72


Early Retirement Is a Broken Concept

Duration: 37 min

Why We Say "No"

Duration: 38 min

How Much Money Does it Take to Be Rich?

Duration: 36 min

Founder Reputation

Duration: 46 min

How Do I Leave My Startup Stress at Work?

Duration: 43 min

Why Can't I Be Happy Where I Am?

Duration: 38 min

Are Big Cities Better For Startups?

Duration: 37 min

Sometimes Shrinking is the Right Move

Duration: 32 min

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