Fighting for Life (with Wes Moore & David Lat)

Fighting for Life (with Wes Moore & David Lat)

On this week’s special episode of Stay Tuned, Preet is joined by two guests.  Wes Moore is the CEO of Robin Hood NYC, a New York City-based antipoverty philanthropic organization. Moore is also a Rhodes Scholar, combat veteran, social entrepreneur, and bestselling author. In the midst of coronavirus, Robin Hood is at the forefront of relief efforts focused on aiding society’s most vulnerable.  David Lat is a Managing Director at the recruiting firm Lateral Link and the founder of the iconic legal blog Above the Law. Last month, Lat spent almost a week on a ventilator after falling extremely sick with COVID-19. Thankfully, Lat is now on the road to recovery and has been sharing his story and his larger reflections on the pandemic on social media, television, and in powerful opinion pieces in major newspapers. Lat--a healthy and energetic 44-year-old--has used his harrowing journey with coronavirus to remind us of our collective risk and to highlight the selfless work of frontline healthcare professionals.  To listen to Stay Tuned bonus content, become a member of CAFE Insider. Sign up to receive the CAFE Brief, a weekly newsletter featuring analysis of politically charged legal news, and updates from Preet. And if you haven’t already, listen to this week’s full episode of the CAFE Insider podcast for free in the Stay Tuned feed.  As always, tweet your questions to @PreetBharara with hashtag #askpreet, email us at, or call 669-247-7338 to leave a voicemail. REFERENCES & SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS WES MOORE Robin Hood NYC COVID-19 Relief Fund Robin Hood & Columbia University’s Poverty Tracker: The State of Poverty and Disadvantage in New York City (February 2020) The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates, Spiegel & Grau (2011)  Five Days: The Fiery Reckoning of an American City, One World (2020)  Poverty in America:  “How the Census Bureau Measures Poverty,” US Census Bureau, last revised: 8/27/19 “How is Poverty Measured?,” Institute for Research on Poverty  “The official U.S. poverty rate is based on a hopelessly out-of-date metric,” Washington Post, 9/16/19 Rourke L. O’Brien & David S. Pedulla, “Beyond the Poverty Line,” Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2010 Annie Nova, “Many Americans who can’t afford a $400 emergency blame debt,” CNBC, 7/21/29 Tracy Jan, “Redlining was banned 50 years ago. It’s still hurting minorities today,” Washington Post, 3/28/18 Pam Fessler, “One Family’s Story Shows How The Cycle Of Poverty is Hard to Break,” National Public Radio, 5/7/14 Covid-19 Impact on Vulnerable: Reis Thebault, Andrew Ba Tran, and Vanessa Williams, “The coronavirus is infecting and killing black Americans at an alarmingly high rate,” Washington Post, 4/7/20 “What the Racial Data Show,” The Atlantic, 4/6/20 Anthony Fisher, “Trump and the government are failing the nonprofits that help the homeless, elderly, and other vulnerable Americans,” Business Insider, 3/18/20 Matt Apuzzo and Monika Pronczuk, “Covid-19’s Economic Pain is Universal. But Relief? Depends on Where You Live,” New York Times, 3/23/20 DAVID LAT David Lat Biography, Lateral Link  Lat’s Column, Above the Law  David Lat, Supreme Ambitions: A Novel, American Bar Association, 2014 Coronavirus Journey  David Lat, “I spent six days on a ventilator with covid-19. It saved me, but my life is not the same,” Washington Post, 4/9/20 David Lat, thread on recovery, Twitter, 4/8/20 David Lat, thread on being a good patient, Twitter, 3/31/20 David Lat, thread on text messaging, Twitter, 4/8/20 David Lat, thread on obituaries, Twitter, 4/1/20 Caroline Lewis, “‘I Have A Greater Appreciation For Life’: David Lat On His Coronavirus Hospitalization & Recovery,” Gothamist, 4/13/20 Lat with Jim Sciutto, CNN, 4/10/20 Lat and his husband, Zachary Baron Shemtob, with Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, 4/6/20 Lat and Shemtob with Savannah Guthrie, Today Show, 4/6/20 COVID and Society Karen Heller, “The recovered: How it feels to be alive on the other side of the pandemic,” Washington Post, 4/15/20 Jennifer Senior, “The One Kind of Distancing We Can’t Afford,” New York Times, 4/12/20 Sinéad Baker, “80% of NYC's coronavirus patients who are put on ventilators ultimately die, and some doctors are trying to stop using them,” Business Insider, 4/9/20 Alana Wise, “Trump Falsely Claimed 'Total' Authority Over States — Now He's Backpedaling,” NPR, 4/14/20 Elyse Samuels and Meg Kelly, “How false hope spread about hydroxychloroquine to treat covid-19 — and the consequences that followed,” Washington Post, 4/13/20 Elizabeth Cohn, “Prominent scientists have bad news for the White House about coronavirus antibody tests,” CNN International, 4/15/20 Lat and the Law George Conway and David Lat, “Don’t like the Wisconsin election mess? Don’t blame the courts,” Washington Post, 4/11/20 Jonathan Miller, “He Fought the Law. They Both Won,” New York Times, 1/22/06 David Lat, “A Departure Memo, from David Lat,” Above the Law, 5/6/19

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