Tracking & Tackling COVID-19 (with Andy Slavitt)

Tracking & Tackling COVID-19 (with Andy Slavitt)

On this week’s special episode of Stay Tuned, Preet is joined by Andy Slavitt, whoserved as the Acting Administrator of Medicare and Medicaid Services during the last two years of the Obama administration. A healthcare industry veteran, Slavitt helped to salvage the maligned and worked to improve federal health care data analytics. Since leaving government, Slavitt has remained a critical voice in the battle for healthcare coverage, founding the non-profit United States of Care and the investment firm Town Hall Ventures in 2018. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Slavitt has been on the front lines—working to acquire healthcare supplies for medical workers, helping to popularize #StayHome, and appearing on TV shows and podcasts to explain how we can flatten the curve. To listen to Stay Tuned bonus content, become a member of CAFE Insider. Sign up to receive the CAFE Brief, a weekly newsletter featuring analysis of politically charged legal news, and updates from Preet. And if you haven’t already, listen to this week’s full episode of the CAFE Insider podcast for free. Juliette Kayyem, President Obama’s Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs at the Department of Homeland Security, joins Preet and Anne to discuss the many pertinent issues raised by the coronavirus. Sign up to receive a link to the episode at As always, tweet your questions to @PreetBharara with hashtag #askpreet, email us at, or call 669-247-7338 to leave a voicemail. REFERENCES & SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS THE INTERVIEW “Andy Slavitt Can’t Stop: How a Health Care Wonk Became a Rabble-Rouser,Stat News, 5/25/2017 “One-on-One with Andy Slavitt, Board Chair & Founder, United States of Care,”Digital Health Today, 10/17/2018 “The Issue,”United States of Care, 2020 “What We Do,”Town Hall Ventures, 2020 TESTING: Andy Slavitt, “Why We Don’t Have Enough Coronavirus Tests,”Medium, 3/24/2020 Andy Slavitt, “The Severity of the Next Several Weeks Depends on Our Actions Now,”Medium, 3/22/2020 “What Is R0?: Gauging Contagious Infections,”Healthline HOSPITAL SUPPLIES: “Our Mission,”Project N95, 2020 “Summary of Comprehensive Congressional Proposal for COVID-19,”United States of Care, 3/23/2020 Andy Slavitt, “The Outcry From Nurses and Doctors Over the Lack of Protective Gear Will be the Major Story Next Week,” Medium, 3/17/2020 ECONOMY: Andy Slavitt, “Coronavirus isn't about Trump's stock market and 2020 odds. Or at least it shouldn't be,”USA Today, 3/2/2020 “Trump pushes a ‘return to work’ as Kudlow predicts coronavirus stimulus will fuel economic rebound,”CNBC, 3/24/2020 OBAMA ADMINISTRATION: Sara Rosenbaum, “Medicaid's Role in Caring for Flint: An Update,”Commonwealth Fund, 3/10/16 “CMS Announces $66.1 Million to Support Zika Prevention & Treatment Services,”, 11/9/2016 “Slavitt Says Goodbye to CMS Staff as Obama Administration Gives Way to Trump,”Healthcare Innovation, 1/20/2017 “The Man Who Saved Wants a Bipartisan Solution to Healthcare,”Washington Post, 3/16/2017 Trump Appears to Throw Shade at Obamacare Site While Announcing National Emergency,”Daily Beast, 3/13/2020 “Ex-Obama official fires back: Trump was left with 'global health infrastructure,'”The Hill, 3/15/2020 EXTRAS: Andy Slavitt on theAl Franken Podcast, 3/22/2020 Donald Trump on Mitt Romney’s Coronavirus Test,Twitter, 3/25/2020 “Sex and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19),”, 3/21/2020 Bill Gates, “The Next Outbreak? We’re Not Ready,”TED, 3/2015

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