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The Power of Storytelling in Medicine with Disease Detective Dr. Celine Gounder

The Power of Storytelling in Medicine with Disease Detective Dr. Celine Gounder

What do you get when you mix medical expertise with the art of storytelling? You get science translated into action. Our guest Dr. Celine Gounder is an “interpreter” of sorts between sufferers of public health crises and non-medical people like activists, journalists, all the way up to elected officials and other public officials, to ensure their voices are heard and something is being done about the suffering. Dr. Gounder is a practicing HIV/infectious diseases specialist and internist, epidemiologist (aka disease detective), journalist and filmmaker. In early 2015, Dr. Gounder spent two months volunteering as an Ebola aid worker in Guinea and is able to draw eerily similar parallels to what is happening on the political scene today in the US. We talk about how she uses storytelling in the medical field to be a conduit for change, her predictions on how COVID-19 will change American cultural norms, and her hopes for what the future of healthcare access will look like post COVID. She also gives us insight into the not often talked about long-lasting negative impacts of pandemics, beyond the death tolls. Dr. Celine Gounder is the host of two Podcasts, one is American Diagnosis, a podcast on health and social justice, and Epidemic, a podcast about the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 / coronavirus epidemic, which she co-hosts with former U. S. Ebola czar Ron Klain. For full show notes: Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review! Connect with and Support Dr. Celine Gounder: Follow/Support Stories of Transformation and Baktash Ahadi:Donate to the production of this podcast Follow on Instagram Follow on Facebook  Podcast Produced by: Dana Drahos Podcast Edited by: Joseph GangemiAdditional Support by: Katherine An Theme music by: Qais Essar Artwork by: Masheed Ahadi 

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