S3E1: Digital Black Face

S3E1: Digital Black Face

Even though Tiffany Pollard's appearance on VH1's Rock Of Love was 12 years ago, GIFs of her grandiose reactions are still used to respond to everything from an email about the broken copy machine at work to a group text about bad Tinder dates. GIFs that feature the reactions of black women from reality TV shows seem to be especially popular with white and non-black users. Elisa talks with cultural critic Lauren Michelle Jackson and UC Berkeley Center for Technology Fellow, Kate Miltner about why that might be.What are your Strong Opinions? Let me know! Instagram: @popculturepirateTwitter: @popcultpirateHashtag: #SOLHpod #StrongOpinionsLooselyHeld  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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