S4E1: Future of the Fan

S4E1: Future of the Fan

College football has everything: devoted female fans, camaraderie and game day rituals. But the players aren’t paid, the coaches make millions and there’s a pattern of disregard for sexual assault allegations. Why do young women gravitate to college football and what feelings are they negotiating in order to stay fans? I talk to Burn It All Down co-host and investigative reporter, Jessica Luther and 3 female fans of college football to find out.   Hey BTW: Welcome to Season 4 of Strong Opinions Loosely Held! This season is dedicated to professional female athletes and how they've survived and thrived in a sports-loving country that doesn't always love them back. Have strong opinions? I want to hear 'em!Instagram: @popculturepirateTwitter: @popcultpirateHashtag: #SOLHpod #StrongOpinionsLooselyHeld  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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