Demystified S1E2 - Distribution Part 2

Demystified S1E2 - Distribution Part 2

How do I get distribution for my film? How do I get funding for my feature film? Do I need a name actor in my film? How do I make my film's money back? Demystified is a series aimed at finding answers to questions like these, the aspects of indie filmmaking that are rarely seen and seldom talked about, through the lens of StudioFest.In Episode 2, we continue our exploration of distribution.Subscribe: to or learn more about StudioFest: is presented by MovieMaker: episode is sponsored by Marmoset:, 08:40, 16:30 No Shade (Instrumental) by BLACKVVANA: Curiosity (Instrumental) by Lazer Lights: Star Bursted (Instrumental) by Surf: Right of Passage feat. G Mills (Instrumental) by Cloudchord: All That Weight (with oohs) (Instrumental) by Altadore:

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