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A Message on Retaining Coaches

A Message on Retaining Coaches

A special message from Paul Yetter to coaches and more importantly boards and others in positions of authority on how long clubs will continue to employ coaches during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Free Resources for Coaches on the RITTER Website.   Join Paul and Chris in the Mentorship when you join The Hive (deadline for Mentorship is Thur 4/9 at midnight): The Hive - Get access to the best online swim coaching resources available. Join The Hive powered by RITTER, to understand the full picture of swimming faster. Get specific training sets and workouts, learn in-depth technique tips and analysis, even watch dryland and strength training exercises that'll help your swimmers go faster!   If you enjoyed this podcast help us spread the word by leaving a rating and review on our iTunes show page.   To connect and learn more visit the RITTER Sports Performance website.

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