Interview with Hillsdale College Professor Paul Rahe @Hillsdale1 @marklevinshow @seanhannity @biggovt @nro @nrocorner

Interview with Hillsdale College Professor Paul Rahe @Hillsdale1 @marklevinshow @seanhannity @biggovt @nro @nrocorner

From BigGovernment.com: Paul A. Rahe holds The Charles O. Lee and Louise K. Lee Chair in the Western Heritage at Hillsdale College, where he is Professor of History. He is author of Republics Ancient and Modern: Classical Republicanism and the American Revolution (1992) and of Against Throne and Altar: Machiavelli and Political Theory under the English Republic (2008), co-editor of Montesquieu’s Science of Politics: Essays on the Spirit of Laws (2001), and editor of Machiavelli’s Liberal Republican Legacy (2006). In 2009, Professor Rahe published two books: Montesquieu and the Logic of Liberty, which has as its subtitle War, Religion, Commerce, Climate, Terrain, Technology, Uneasiness of Mind, the Spirit of Political Vigilance, and the Foundations of the Modern Republic, and Soft Despotism, Democracy’s Drift: Montesquieu, Rousseau, Tocqueville, and the Modern Prospect. He can be reached at www.paularahe.com. To find out more about Paul Rahe please visit: www.paularahe.com http://www.hillsdalesites.org/personal/prahe/ http://www.hillsdale.edu/academics/display_profile.asp?cid=858989392 http://biggovernment.com/author/prahe/

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