Interviews with Congressmen Michael Burgess & John Fleming

Interviews with Congressmen Michael Burgess & John Fleming

Show Highlights Congressman Burgess spoke about his new book, "Doctor in the House: A Physician-Turned-Congressman Offers His Prescription for Scrapping Obamacare. He also posed the question, "Mr. President where the heck were you the last 3 months?" when speaking on the looming government shutdown. ---------- Congressman Fleming stated his feelings towards the administration's policies on issues ranging from energy to healthcare. "The left, whenever possible, have made drilling for oil and resources impossible.” -Rising oil prices are a deliberate attempt by the left to cut off production of oil, gas, and coal. To learn more about Congressman Michael Burgess (or to purchase his new book) or Congressman John Fleming please visit: http://burgess.house.gov/ http://www.amazon.com/Doctor-House-Physician-Turned-Congressman-PrescriptionScrapping/dp/1936488256/ref=sr_1_1ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1301932755&sr=8-1 http://fleming.house.gov/ http://twitter.com/RepFleming

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