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EP002 - The Royal Subject Line

EP002 - The Royal Subject Line

Talkin' Bout Email is THE podcast about email marketing and how to make the most of it for your business or organization. Brought to you by iContact Email Marketing. Episode two brings you more great discussion and advice, featuring: - GDPR Compliance: Is it killing email marketing lists? What IS it anyway?
 - What’s the average age of an email address? - How can you sell to a dead address? Hint: YOU CAN’T. Go get new people!
 - Facebook groups shifting to a pay model? 
- How to focus on who you DO have in your audience, not who you DON’T. 
- Tips on building your list the RIGHT way.
 - What is a Facebook “lookalike” audience? - What do goldfish and the human attention span have in common? 
- And dozens of additional insights! Have a question for Hank & John? Email podcast@icontact.com or send us a tweet @icontact.

Duration: 44 min

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