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EP003 - Oops, I Sent It Again!

EP003 - Oops, I Sent It Again!

Talkin' Bout Email is THE podcast about email marketing and how to make the most of it for your business or organization. Brought to you by iContact Email Marketing. Episode three brings John and Hank together in Europe, talkin' bout: - The difference between European and US email marketing - What is an American Work-a-frolic to do when in France? - Quality vs. Quantity: the differences in international approaches - Instagram TV: YouTube killer? - How do ReturnPath and Edison help (or harm) your Gmail subscribers? - Cambridge Analytica: c’mon, man. - FEATURE: how and when to use an "Oops" email - How to stay inspired to affect change via email marketing And a whole bunch more! Have a question for Hank & John? Email podcast@icontact.com or send us a tweet @icontact.

Duration: 46 min

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