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EP004 - Headbutting the Competition

EP004 - Headbutting the Competition

Talkin' Bout Email is THE podcast about email marketing and how to make the most of it for your business or organization. Brought to you by iContact Email Marketing. Episode four sees Hank in Switzerland while John gears up for a holiday in Portugal, talkin' bout: - Is there a correlation between open rate success and headbutting in the Tour de France? - The anatomy of an effective unsubscribe page and how to nurture a subscriber you might lose - The difference between being thoughtfully persistent vs. an aggressive jerk in your messages - Brokered or purchased lists? C'mon, man. Wait, you can rent lists? - What makes a "hot" lead? How does lead scoring help your campaigns? - Is Email Marketing like buying a car? - ADVICE: "What is the FIRST thing you should say to a prospective client?" And all kinds of other goodies! Have a question for Hank & John? Email podcast@icontact.com or send us a tweet @icontact.

Duration: 36 min

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