Mark Adamczyk

Starrcade 1989 or Daggummit, Terry Funk!

Starrcade 1989 or Daggummit, Terry Funk!

PACHOO!! Is the sound that the T.O.W. Time Machine makes as we embark on an adventure to December 13, 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia.  The 80's are coming to an end and things are even hotter than ever in the NWA/WCW.  Two tournaments and we get to see a lot of great wrestlers wrestle multiple times a night.  We get to see Road Warriors vs. Steiners in their prime!  WHAT?!  Then there is Lex Luger.  Ugh.  Boo!  I guess there has to be a give and a take with everything in life.  Enjoy the show.  Be sure to sync this up with the event on the WWE Network and have fun responsibly people!  Support the show (

Duration: 2 hr 52 min

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