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COVID - 19 Relief Status Update 04.06.20

COVID - 19 Relief Status Update 04.06.20

‘Phase 4’ stimulus wish lists floated Two-year suspension of SALT deduction cap clears House Governor Newsom Signs Executive Order Providing Relief to California Small Businesses “Mark Koziel, CPA, CGMA, the AICPA’s executive vice president of firm services, added, “Based upon statements from members of Congress, it appears that the intent of the PPP was to base the salary calculation on gross wages with no adjustment for federal taxes. This ensures that payroll tax expenses are not passed on to the small businesses in need. In a program of this magnitude, it’s expected that guidance will evolve and terms will be clarified.” Dave Ramsey, well-known author and radio financial advisor (whom I am not endorsing, but I like his “no debt” approach) had a very strong message to listeners: Paraphrasing: “Don’t take these loans. Don’t believe the government. They will change the rules later.” That seems harsh, but I wanted to pass that thought along.

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