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Education: Homeroom

Education: Homeroom

Teaching high school during a pandemic has been near impossible. Educators are in crisis mode. One English teacher in Flint, Michigan, has spent the last few months trying to teach remotely and worrying about her students. Students who have lost family members to COVID and are working essential jobs. But she also sees an opportunity to completely change the system. Executive Producer: Jonathan Hirsch Managing Producer: John Asante Reporter & Producer: Hayley Fager Editors: Vikram Patel & Catherine Saint Louis Engineer: Mark Bush Music by Matt McGinley & Blue Dot Sessions Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @neonhummedia. We want to stay connected with you during this unprecedented time in our history, so please don’t be shy. Share your stories with us. Our DMs are open. Email us your story. We’re also interested in hearing what life in isolation sounds like to you. We welcome your voice memo recordings. You can email them to Also, you can join our Facebook group by searching for Telescope. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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