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186 How To Deal With Tennis Cheaters

186 How To Deal With Tennis Cheaters

One of the things that makes tennis a unique sport is that, in most of the matches we play, our opponent is also our umpire. The one person who has a definite interest in having calls go against us is often the very person making those calls. And because of this, because in the vast majority of our matches, there is an absence or a virtual absence of any on-court officials, cheating in tennis is very easy. All you have to do is say "out," and you can win the point. And win it with almost no penalty for this unethical behavior.So what can we do to deal with cheaters in tennis? How can we try to get our opponents to follow the rules? That's what we're talking about in this episode - how to deal with tennis cheaters.GET THE SHOW NOTES:Hi, it's Kim! Thanks for listening! You can leave me your comments or suggestions by going to the show notes for this episode and leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Those show notes also include an edited transcript, links to resources and tons of other tennis info. You can find them at: you’re looking for tips to tune up your serve, you can quickly and easily get my free cheat sheet, 10 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Serve: No Lessons Required. It  has my best tips for getting a better serve fast! Just click here: you enjoy this show, I hope you'll subscribe and download a bunch of the episodes. And I would be so grateful if you would take just a minute or two to review this show on Apple Podcasts. You can easily do it on your computer but you can also do it on your phone by searching for "tennis quick tips" in the Podcast app, clicking on the Tennis Quick Tips artwork, and then clicking on "Reviews" (it's easier than it sounds!). I would love to highlight reviews on the podcast so if you leave one, listen in for me to read it! And thanks in advance for doing that!CONNECT WITH ME!You can find me and get more of my tennis stuff by going here:My Tennis Fixation website: http://tennisfixation.comMy Amazon book: Real Tennis Tips For Real Tennis Players at

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