Vaccine Hesitancy: Part 1

Vaccine Hesitancy: Part 1

Anti-vaccination sentiment dates back farther than many realize. Since the first vaccine reached the United States over 200 years ago, concerned citizens have been raising objections and even making hyperbolized political cartoons. What exactly sparked the modern anti-vaccination movement? And how has that perspective spread and changed over time? This episode starts The Antigen’s dive into everything anti-vax. Host Yasmeen Agosti talks with experts, journalists, pediatricians, and parent-advocates including Kathryn Edwards, Todd Wolynn, Robert Field, Sara Novak, Steven Salzberg, Chad Hermann, Tara Hills & LJ Tan.Episode references:Centers for Disease ControlVaccine SafetyVaccines and ImmunizationsThe Vaccine Education CenterHealthyChildren.orgThe History of Vaccines from the College of Physicians of Philadelphia

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