Vaccine Hesitancy: Part 2

Vaccine Hesitancy: Part 2

80% of internet users are seeking health-related information. Why? On the surface, the internet seems to be an easy way to look for answers. The challenge is that there is a lot of information to sort through, and misinformation can sometimes be hard to recognize. On this episode, we continue our conversation on vaccine hesitancy and expand into digital health skills. Host Yasmeen Agosti speaks to parent-advocate Tara Hills, Johns Hopkins Professor Dr. Steven Salzberg, Congresswoman Dr. Kim Schrier, and communications expert Chad Hermann.Episode references:Centers for Disease ControlVaccine SafetyVaccines and ImmunizationsThe Vaccine Education CenterAmerican Academy of PediatricsThe History of Vaccines from the College of Physicians of PhiladelphiaNational Institutes of Health

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