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S2 BookEND - MGMW Love is On The Air

S2 BookEND - MGMW Love is On The Air

Welcome to the third Season 2 BookEND - an Atomic Library mini-episode in which we listen to everyone's favorite podcast "Mystery Girl's Mystery World." Written and produced by Chriss Chaney and Lara Tabri. Sound editing and design by Chriss.  Rebecca Hale voiced Mystery Girl, Chriss voiced Sheldon, Aleya Stone voiced Mary Wolfe and Dr. Benjamin Brittle, and Lara voiced Marjorie. Music composed and performed by Jarren Chaney. Includes a promo for Newton's Dark Room. Visit us on the web (, follow us on Instagram (@TheAtomicLibrary), or Twitter (@AtomicLib). You can email us at We love to hear from patrons! You can support The Atomic Library at the following sites, or tell a friend to check us out! Some sounds used in this podcast came from Adobe Audition Sound Effects, and

Duration: 13 min

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