The Atomic LIbrary

S2 E1 - Going Nowhere

S2 E1 - Going Nowhere

Welcome back to Haven Hollow, Texas! Hazel and Marjorie have returned from their vacation to a renovated Library and a BIG announcement. Surely nothing can go wrong. Includes a trailer for the new hopepunk audio fiction anthology series Monkey Tales, from our friends at Monkeyman Productions! Visit us on the web (, follow us on Instagram (@TheAtomicLibrary), or Twitter (@AtomicLib). You can email us at We love to hear from patrons! You can support The Atomic Library at the following sites, or tell a friend to check us out! Cast: Chriss Chaney - Hazel Adams Lara Tabri - Marjorie Slump Aleya Stone - Dr. Benjamin Brittle Erin O’Quinn - Karen Lovemore Rebecca Hale - Constance the Temp, and the Outro Shirlee McKay - Starlandria Norwood, and Bernice Alisha Skelton-Donley - The Ghost Catherine Kelso - Clyde McBride Opening Narration  by Veronica Escamilla-Brady of the podcast Welcome to St. Paxton Opening and closing music composed and performed by Jarren Chaney. Written and produced by Chriss and Lara, Sound editing and design by Chriss. This podcast uses sounds from Adobe Audition Sound Effects, and The following from Freesound were used through a Creative Commons Attribution license: Air Raid Siren (Test, V2) by npeo  

Duration: 23 min

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