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2019 Showcase: Cybernautica

2019 Showcase: Cybernautica

This is Damian, writer and sound producer for Cybernautica. You’re about to hear an excerpt from Episode 2.0, Gold Ashes & Sea. Before you do, I’d like to give you a little context. Cybernautica is a full cast, serial audio drama set in the Cyberpunk-Deco city of Neo-Atlantis. Our first season, Breakwall, follows a mercenary named Jonny as she dives headlong into the adventure and danger of Neo-Atlantis’ Arcadian sprawl. Throughout the season you’ll meet a wild cast of characters as you dive into the machinations of a city born on the concept of unlocking humanities full potential via forced evolution, genetic splicing and cybernetics. As you might surmise,  the streets of ‘The City on the Sea’s’ most lawless district can be quite dangerous. We’d like to take this showcase for the Audio Verse Awards as an opportunity to bring you right into the thick of the action. Thank you for listening.

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