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110: Gangster Capitalism and the 2016 Bridge Scandal

110: Gangster Capitalism and the 2016 Bridge Scandal

(Not the Chris Christie thing; the card game.) John Ramos returns to dig into a podcast from Andrew Jenks on the college-admissions bribery kerfuffle, Gangster Capitalism. Is documentarian Jenks learning the audio-narrative format on the job? Do episodes improve as you go along? And does that Loughlin stan have her priorities in order? Later, I get into it with John, a bridge pro, about the cheating scandal that rocked bridge in 2016: what it meant for the game at the higher levels, how it changed competitive bridge, and whether it qualifies as a "crime" the way we usually mean the word. Get ready for a whole bunch of puns involving "trump" and "dummy": it's The Blotter Presents, Episode 110. Get even more true-crime content reviewed: support the pod/site on Patreon ( , and sign up for the newsletter, Best Evidence ( ! SHOW NOTES The Gangster Capitalism podcast: John Colapinto's piece on the bridge scandal for Vanity Fair: David Owen's for The New Yorker: Michael Clark walks you through the Fantoni/Nunes cheating on YouTube: And the Fisher/Schwartz cheating: John Ramos's bridge portal: Special Guest: John Ramos.

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