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Bob, Spike and Joe – Jun 4, 2020

Bob, Spike and Joe – Jun 4, 2020

Much like our nation Bob, Spike and Joe episode 49 started calmly and united but sort of exploded as things went along. Our former producer and radio brother Pedro Bartes joins us to discuss his termination from his Morning gig at 957 The Jet and that led into our most honest discussion about the radio industry yet and Bob's excellent vision for the "radio" of the future. And while Joe did his best to not be "political" he also spoke more honestly, and I am afraid more loudly, than he ever has in a public forum. There is comedy, thought provoking discussion and passion in this one. But there is also a little bit of ranting. If you make it to the end you will hear our interview from back in the day with Kim Kardashian. It's not super long because she hung up on us! Give a listen to find out why and thanks to all of the new supporters of our podcast. If you would like to chip in a few bucks go to and we will make sure to thank you on the next episode! Feel free to comment on anything you have heard or have suggestions for future episodes!

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