Bob Rivers

Bob, Spike and Joe – May 14, 2020

Bob, Spike and Joe – May 14, 2020

Joe's going on a "Politics" diet, Spike has been breathing poisonous fumes from his home remodel, and Bob asks permission to tell a boring story. For the record, that's a first (the asking permission part). Collective Soul played in Bob's Garage back in 2003… and Spike got to sing the iconic "Yep!" on the smash hit "Shine". You'll hear it right after the show and just before the classic Lisa Lampanelli Interview. We thing you'll enjoy this one. Rated PG. Some adult situations, no profanity, mild political references, a few PG-13 mattress jokes. RIP, and a moment of (radio) silence to the passing of two friends and Seattle Radio icons; Gary Lockwood & Charlie Brown.

Duration: 1 hr 20 min

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