K.B. Howard

The Boy From Yesterday

"The Boy from Yesterday" is a New Adult genre fiction novel, the first from author K.B. Howard.  The story is about a young man, Tom Flannery, 19, who, with the help of a magic ring from a mysterious magician, travels through time from 1890 to the present day, in search of help for a sick friend, Sam Beckins, who has been injured in a horse accident.  In the present day, he meets Laurel Humphrey, also 20, a student at Chesterfield University in New England.  Tom fights to find help for his friend and return to his own time before it's too late and Sam, all his progeny (including Laurel!) and time itself are altered forever.  (copyright 2020, K.B. Howard, all rights reserved)

Episodes: 42


Chapter 41: Epilogue: Jefferson Manor

Duration: 11 min

Chapter 40: Moving On

Duration: 6 min

Chapter 39: The Stone Garden

Duration: 7 min

Chapter 38: Time to Go

Duration: 17 min

Chapter 36: Rendezvous

Duration: 7 min

Chapter 35: Ziddo-Something

Duration: 13 min

Chapter 34: Sleeping Dogs

Duration: 8 min

Chapter 33: Desperate Times

Duration: 6 min

Chapter 32: Twenty-Three Minutes

Duration: 19 min

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