#7 — 5 things your donors need to hear from you right now

#7 — 5 things your donors need to hear from you right now

If you put yourself in your donors' shoes for a minute, you'll know they are likely sitting at home. Like you, they are watching the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe. And they might wonder what it all means for them and their loved ones. So you might be tempted to leave them alone. Give them some space. Let them cope. But what if your donors are longing to hear from you? And what if it's your duty of care to reach out to them right now with care and compassion? And what if they want to help make the world a tad bit better? Chances are your donors have many questions right now. And they are waiting for you to have the courage to be vulnerable with them. On today's podcast, we walk through five things your donors need to hear from you right now: They need to know you careThey need to know your beneficiaries are okThey need to know you have a planThey need to know they are still neededAnd they need to know they will be part of the solutionI know things are scary right now. But you were made for these times. And now, more than ever,  people are looking to you to lead them through these uncertain times.I want you to know and remember when this is all over, your donors will remember the kind of person you were long after they remember what sort of decisions you made about staffing, finances, programs, etc. So go easy on yourself. Rise to the challenge. And start reaching out to your donors with as much humanity and vulnerability as you can muster today.

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