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HireHigherEd with Eric James Stephens

HireHigherEd with Eric James Stephens

Topics CoveredDr. Eric James Stephens - Founder of #HireHigherEdEvent: #HireHigherEd - August 6 & 7, 2020 as a profession is changingHow education and industry differEpisode : Finding opportunity in times of challengeChallenges people face when transitioning to industryTranslatable valueWhere to go for support in facing a transitionWhy an academic makes a great industry professionalSoft skills that educators have Industry vs role fits for academicsHow mentorship can help with the transitionEpisode : Horizontal mentorship with GarretWe can help and care for each other during this difficult timeDo's and don'ts for higher education professionalsAn awareness of pickles vs cucumbers & karaokeThe different payoffs of taking risks"Listen and always be ready to pivot"

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