Lisa Plain and Mike Bird

Trial & Error at Work

Trial & Error at Work

Topics CoveredUsing Trial & Error in your Objective, Strategy and TacticsTrial and error is an approach to solve problemsUsing an educated guess as a starting pointCan you experience what a particular job would be like before starting it?How Minority Report would resemble life without trial & errorPerfectionism and fear of failure can hold you backInnovation comes from failure"The Dip" by Seth GodinFarming vs Hunting in your careerHow long you should stay with something you're tryingThe role of reflectionInternal and External trial and errorA/B testing in your job searchTrial & iterateHow sports exemplify the trial & iterate processInterviewing, practice, and failureThe worst and best thing that can happenUtilizing a growth mindsetThe perfect ratio of research to actionWhere to use trial & errorA dating analogyTell us your trials and your errors!

Duration: 32 min

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