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12.16.19 Jobs that don't require a college degree; Lending money to friends; New dental technology

12.16.19 Jobs that don't require a college degree; Lending money to friends; New dental technology

So many are languishing in low paying jobs, unable to get ahead. See the story on jobs that don't require college degrees and pay at least $70k per year. The Bureau of Labor statistics provides the data. The number one job - Air traffic controller - does require 2 years of training and retirement at age 55 - $125k per year. That may be too stressful for many. Job number 2 - Logistics (transportation, storage or distribution) manager at $95K. Police department supervisor - wages vary by location - $90K on average. See the full list including required training and education.  A Bankrate survey reveals that more than 1/3 of those who have lent money to or cosigned for family or friends, have suffered financially with their credit ruined, money lost and/or the relationship damaged or destroyed. True example: Someone who cosigned for a friend's vehicle later had to pay for a repossession for a vehicle that had no benefit from, which ruined their credit for years. If you lend money to a friend or family member, think of it as a gift. Do not expect to get paid back. If they were good for it, they'd use a bank. Secondly, don't ever cosign a loan unless you can afford to deal with the consequences if the borrower chooses not to pay. And make sure you're aware in real time whether the payments are being made on time. If not, step in and pay, because you're fully legally responsible, no matter what.  At January's CES convention Clark reported on app-based toothbrushes. It seems that both children and adults generally do an inadequate job of brushing. Expect to see app-based toothbrush systems peddled over the holidays. These systems vary but generally monitor and guide brushing. Prevention is key. This could save you dental trouble. Also, dentist are migrating to precisioned designed, near perfect 3-D printed crowns, which can be completed in one visit. This technology is in use for only about 15% of dental practitioners, but as more adopt, it gets cheaper and better. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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