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Connecting Back Part 5

Connecting Back Part 5

What challenges are you going through right now? I believe that with the right mindset and tools to grow, challenges can become great opportunities. Facing challenges is a great way to connect back with ourselves, and then with one another as well. These challenging moments are the opportunities for you to make a choice: will you change or stay the same? I’m choosing growth, and that’s why I’m sharing this journey with you. I’m so glad that you keep joining me on this journey. In this episode, I get a little extra vulnerable. I don’t just share my insights into life as I tell you my own story, but in this one, I tell you some of the hardest stories I’ve ever had to tell. All this is to give you a better idea and perspective of who Katie is, and who you are, too. Take a listen to learn how I’ve transformed my challenges into opportunities, and how you can learn to do the same. In This Episode, You Will Learn: Why facing challenges improves life experiences. (3:03)How I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. (5:54)What happened when I fell. (27:04)How John Amaral’s bodywork helped me realize who I was again. (38:40) See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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