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Connecting in our Marriage Relationship with Dimple Thakrar

Connecting in our Marriage Relationship with Dimple Thakrar

Are you in sync with your husband? Every relationship will go through ebbs and flows; that’s just part of human nature. But staying truly connected for years on end with your significant other takes a lot of work and constantly learning how to better communicate with one another. That’s what this episode is all about: finding ways to better connect in your marriage. In this episode, I talk with Dimple Thakrar, a celebrity love & relationship coach, who understands the ins and outs required to move from struggling with pain in marriage to passion, peace, love, and intimacy for the rest of your lives. Throughout our conversation, Dimple shares about the struggles that she and her husband have faced over their years of marriage, even going from being on the brink of divorce to living a connected and passionate life together again. Tune in to learn how to reconnect with your significant other and take your next step toward a long life of happy marriage together. In This Episode, You Will Learn: How the Tony Robbins relationships event impacted Dimple’s marriage. (12:19)How Dimple and her husband both show up in their marriage now. (29:02) How to connect with your heart and feminine flow. (36:03)How women can keep their man happy. (38:08)What men can do to keep their woman happy. (39:58)Connect with Dimple Thakrar: WebsiteInstagramLinkedIn  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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