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Connecting to Nikki Sharp, Model Diet & Better Health

Connecting to Nikki Sharp, Model Diet & Better Health

How do you feel today? Do you feel slow and foggy, or light, vibrant, and full of energy? It’s no secret that the food we eat affects the way we physically feel. There’s “good” food and “bad” food—or, as Nikki Sharp puts it, “toxic food” and “food.” The secret, however, is that health isn’t nutrition. It’s way more complicated than that. It’s not about the food you eat or the exercise you do. It’s all about the mind and how you feel about what you’re putting in your body. In this episode, I talk with Nikki Sharp. Nikki was an international model who, with the pressures that the modeling world put on her, caused her weight and health to ebb and flow. Once she decided it was time to get healthy, she transformed into this kick-ass boss babe when it comes to nutrition. Today, she’s helping so many people around the world not only clean up their diet but live a better, healthier lifestyle. Nikki’s story will not just blow you away, but inspire you to take the next step in your journey toward a happy, healthy life as well. Some Questions I Ask: What were your modeling days like? (6:38)What about the emotional side of nutrition? (15:58)How do people start getting healthy? (20:57)How do we get ourselves out of depression with food and mindset? (49:02)In This Episode, You Will Learn: A few quick tips to stop feeling bloated after meals. (4:48)How Nikki overcame her eating disorder. (8:30)Why the social media world is worse than the modeling world. (13:07)The difference between wellness and illness. (32:55)How impactful water is on our bodies. (51:08)Connect with Nikki: WebsiteFacebookInstagramResources:The 5 Day Real Food Detox by Nikki SharpMeal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss by Nikki Sharp See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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