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Connecting with John Holowaty

Connecting with John Holowaty

What would living without fear look like for you? If you’re like many people around the world, one of your very top fears is around finances. It’s the thing that dictates what we can and cannot do with our lives, how we spend our time, and it majorly affects our stress levels as well. In this episode, I’m excited to introduce you all to John Holowaty. I’ve had the opportunity to work with him over the last 9 years. Before he got started in network marketing, he was working and struggling as a personal trainer. Throughout this episode, John shares the story of his transition to full-time network marketing, how he’s built his company and the mindset that’s carried him this far. We also bust some myths around network marketing. Take a listen to learn about John’s story and how you can take a step toward financial freedom. Some Questions I Ask: Who is John Holowaty? (2:26)How important is energy and mindset to attract people to you? (6:18)When you first started network marketing, what objections did you get hit with? (10:21)How long did it take you to get your business off the ground? (13:35)What would you say to those that are curious about network marketing but still aren’t sure about it? (31:34)In This Episode, You Will Learn: How John learned to balance his clients’ schedules with his personal schedule. (7:00)How John fell in love with the word “no” through network marketing. (10:57)What pushed John to leave his day job to run his business full-time. (17:33)Some myths and truths about why network marketing works. (24:45)Some of John’s personal and professional goals. (34:32)Connect with John Holowaty: InstagramFacebookWebsite See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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