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Connecting with Michelle Sorro

Connecting with Michelle Sorro

Are you ready to take action?The reason why so many people don’t follow through on their dreams is because they don’t feel ready, they fear the unknown and they doubt themselves, so they’re always getting ready. At some point in our life we’ve all had these feelings - whether it was a new job we wanted to get, a new town we wanted to move in, a new project we wanted to start – and we’ve all felt the disappointment of missing a chance, but sometimes the things that make us get out of our comfort zone, can be our biggest gifts on so many levels, if we’re willing to confront the uncomfortable and embrace the discomfort.In this episode, my guest is Michelle Sorro, the founder of Live Video Academy, TV Retail Host, Speaker and Host of The Fire and Soul podcast. She also started the Facebook Live Challenge that helped so many people to take action and confront their fears.Michele and I discuss how social media influences our self-worth, how you can attract into your life the tribe that you need, how being vulnerable allows you to connect with the people around you, and how it’s okay to breakdown, in order to breakthrough, no matter the situation you’re in.Take a listen to learn how to get rid of the toxic patterns and habits that are holding you down and dim your light.Some Questions I ask:Let's talk about how we first connected. What happened when we had that beautiful moment? (01:26)Tell us more about you, Michelle. Why are you in the world right now? What are you doing? (04:26)How do you attract your tribe? (14:00)What are the things that you do to help yourself take that step and take that action? (20:35)How did you really learn to become connected with yourself? (26:23)In this episode, you will learn:About Michelle’s podcast – what was her intention with this podcast, originally, and why she failed the first time. (11:41)How Michelle got rid of her smoking habit when she realized it was toxic to her relationship with other people. (28:30)About the Fire and Soul Accelerator. (38:53)How and why Michelle started doing lives on Facebook. (43:25)The reasons why live video is going to disrupt everything in marketing. (46:57)Connect with Michelle:WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInFacebook Live Challenge Group See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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