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129 - Living BLACK in this world.

129 - Living BLACK in this world.

The current landscape of the world right now is one that we've all seen before...some of us experiencing it our entire existence. RACISM is not a topic discussed nearly enough among friends of different races, families, colleagues, etc... The fact of the matter is that this is NOT a black vs white vs brown vs yellow... None of that. This is about right vs wrong and once again the world is suffering because there is still too much of the wrong outweighing the good. On episode 129 hosts Bwanka & Sturr navigate the experiences they've had while 'Living Black' in Canada. It gives you a deeper understanding of how it's affected our lives in pretty much every category of life. You'll hear some painful stories, as well as perspectives from two black men on how to digest the current landscape and ways to learn/unlearn in order for us to grow through what we're going through. Let's get right into it! Bless

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