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136 - August Tune Up - Plan, Prepare, Execute!!!

136 - August Tune Up - Plan, Prepare, Execute!!!

Every year around this time, MOST people (not everyone) will take their foot off the proverbial gas pedal. It's a time where 'Out of office' messages are BOOMING word to Gary Vee. So what exactly does that mean and why does it even matter?On this episode (as previously discussed on Ep. 85) we share the importance of keeping a 'Stay Ready So You Ain't Gotta Get Ready' mentality in preparation for the final quarter of the year. However, instead of creating a challenge for the month of August, due to the unforeseen circumstances of 2020 (The Pandemic)...we are getting suited and booted for a STRONG SEPTEMBER packed with challenges that we share throughout the episode. Remember... IT'S NOT HOW YOU START (the year)... IT's HOW YOU CLOSE IT OUT!!!

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