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CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 87 Bill Brooks Credit Union Doctor

CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 87 Bill Brooks Credit Union Doctor

You have never heard a CU2.0 Podcast like this one.  This is a podcast where sacred cows are roasted on an open spit, criticisms are hurled at regulators, huge questions are raised about the wisdom of credit unions emulating bankers, and then there is the giant question about the industry's future.Welcome to the CU2.0 Podcast. This is your host, Robert McGarvey.  Today's guest, Bill Brooks, presently serving as a credit union doctor who is helping to save an institution in Maryland.  Earlier he worked as an NCUA examiner.Brooks knows where the bodies are buried and here he draws us a map.He also talks abut the why of the 2008-2010 mortgage meltdown, the looming meltdown in car loans, and why many credit unions have betrayed their core mission of focusing on members of modest means.Double whew.Hear the Brooks podcast here.In this podcast there are references to multiple guests on earlier podcasts including Jim Blaine, Bucky Sebastian, Maine Harvest, Bill Bynum, and Cliff Rosenthal.  Like what you are hearing? Find out how you can help sponsor this podcast here. Very affordable sponsorship packages are available. Email rjmcgarvey@gmail.comFind out more about CU2.0 and the digital transformation of credit unions here. It's a journey every credit union needs to take. Pronto

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