Alexsis Mae & Katie Brown

20. Self Made May featuring Katie Brown

20. Self Made May featuring Katie Brown

Hello Self Made May babes! We are SO EXCITED to share with you guys who we are bringing on the show in MAY! You all are in for a treat! - Tune into this episode for another host to host interview as Alexsis Mae interviews Katie Brown. Katie's self-made journey may surprise you, it may sound familiar to your own journey and hopefully if you're just getting started on your self made journey her story may inspire you and give you a fresh perspective on your own journey. Katie dives deep into what it takes to open your own salon suite and how the things that went wrong along the way lead to so much greatness! Katie shares about how she navigates through certain life struggles such as self worth, defensiveness and covid-19 related issues. - Get Ready Dreamers - Self Made May is going to rock your world!  Visit our website: Check us out on Instagram: Katie's Instagram: Alexsis's Instagram If you loved this episode, please leave us a 5 star review! We appreciate your feedback and as always, THANKS for listening!

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