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23. Self Made May with Julia Fukuhara

23. Self Made May with Julia Fukuhara

Dreampreneurs, get ready!  Julia Fukuhara is a registered nurse working in the oncology department, She is also a yoga & fitness trainer for the past 12 years teaching at a myraid of gyms and fitness clubs including Equinox and Orange Theory Fitness. Today were talking about ALL the things - from workouts to mental health, gratitude to covid-19 and what its like right now in the hospital. Podcast Recommendations - Marriage Today, Oprahs Super Soul Podcast, The Skinny Confidential Book  recommendation from Julia  -  Dr. Rhonda Patrick - FoundMyFitness Julia lives by the saying, "Okage Sama De" which means - I am what I am because of you. Show respect for those who came before you and helped you to get where you are. Get in touch with Julia! Follow Julia on Instagram - @juliaazulia Visit our website: Check us out on Instagram: Katie's Instagram: Alexsis's Instagram If you loved this episode, please leave us a 5 star review! We appreciate your feedback and as always, THANKS for listening

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