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Brienne Maner - Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship

Brienne Maner - Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship

People like Brienne Maner and organizations like the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship are just a couple of the things that make our community and our city great.  The DTSF crew sits down with Brienne for an unbelievable conversation about start-ups, the impact COVID-19 has had on the entrepreneur community and what she and her team are doing to help fight the good fight for the dreamers and doers all over our community.  The bottom line - you've got support! If you're worried about your business or are curious about why right now is actually an incredible time to start your business, reach out to Brienne and the Zeal Center.  We have so many great people doing incredible things in our city, keep up all the good work. A special nod to all you start-up owners and entrepreneurs who are working hard to make your dreams a reality.  As always, catch all of our episodes on your favorite streaming platform - Click HERE!

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