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#155: Get Better Every Year with Craig Cooper

#155: Get Better Every Year with Craig Cooper

In today's episode, we sat down with the author of the book Your New Prime, and promoter of men's health and wellness, Craig Cooper! We talked about the active approach to maintaining your physical and mental health as you age, how to get out of complacency, and how to start thriving and making steady forward progress in life. 3:40 Passion For Health 7:06 Adjusting Your Fitness As You Age 11:40 Cultivate The Friendships In Your Life 17:58 Break Free From Complacency 21:55 The Element Of Uncertainty 23:20 Live In The Moment 25:08 Good Friendships Are Key To Positive Mental Health 28:55 Life Is Challenging For Everyone 30:03 Get Together 33:45 What's Next for Craig Cooper

Duration: 42 min

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