Emma Gunavardhana

The Emma Guns Show

"I talk to people who are smarter than me, so we can learn."In this podcast, we hear from expert guests who can offer accessible insight into everything from starting a business, managing mental health, looking after your physical health, managing your time and more. No topic is off-limits. Whether you're curious about meditation, self-help, sex, entrepreneurship, the latest beauty trend etc, it's all here...Hosted by broadcaster Emma Gunavardhana - a writer with nearly 20 years experience - The Emma Guns Show aims to inform, empower, inspire and entertain.Find out more at http://emmagunavardhana.com

Episodes: 390


Feel Good Habits | Amy Lawrenson

Duration: 39 min

The Night Feed with Ruth Crilly

Duration: 1 hr 12 min

Bullet Points | News & Updates

Duration: 13 min

Feel Good Habits | Marcia Kilgore

Duration: 32 min

Making it in the Movies with Duncan Paveling

Duration: 1 hr 16 min

Beauty Special | Understanding Rosacea

Duration: 46 min

Feel Good Habits | Lindsey Kelk

Duration: 34 min

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