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Habit 5 | Will yoga before bed improve my health?

Habit 5 | Will yoga before bed improve my health?

It's time to start habit number 5, but not before I round off the fourth #26habits of quitting alcohol for two weeks. Here Hannah Varrall from The Pool and I conclude our findings from a fortnight of saying 'no' at the bar and whether it'll change our relationship with social drinking moving forward. As for the next habit - it's time to make one. With a 67/33 split on the twitter poll you wanted me to do yoga before bed for two weeks, but to what end? In this episode I outline the reasons why yoga at bedtime is a good habit to get into, why it doesn't mean setting aside a whole hour, why certain poses can be helpful before you drift off to sleep and what benefits one may feel from doing this regularly.  These are the videos I'll be choosing from during the two weeks, which gives a variety of choice. Yoga with Adriene > Yoga for Bedtime 20 minutes. Yoga with Adriene > 7 Minute Bedtime Yoga. Yoga with Adriene > Bedtime Yoga Sequence. 37 minutes. To get in touch with the show email me at thebeautypodcast@gmail.com or slide into the DMs on instagram and twitter where I'm @emmaguns, to join the Closed Facebook Group, simply click here > FORUM.    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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