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Raises in a Pandemic with Ananda Valenzuela

Raises in a Pandemic with Ananda Valenzuela

A beautiful decision made in a time of double pandemic and recession - here are links for content mentioned in the show (and sign up for our mailing list?):Michelle talks with Ananda Valenzuela, Interim Executive Director of RVC, founded by Vu Le of  nonprofitAF.com, about the process around giving raises and retaining staff during a recession.This great blog post Ananda wrote, has links to research (1, 2, 3, 4) and a solid story about investing in staff during a recession, that may help you make the case at your own organization. Ananda refers to: The Advice Process (attributed to Dennis Bakke) is explored by Frédéric LaLoux in a book called Reinventing Organizations which Ananda recommends. Ananda wrote about their passion around self-managing organizations in this great article we didn’t discuss: Sick of both Consensus and Hierarchical Decision Making? There is a Third WayTSNE Mission Works is another capacity building organization Ananda worked at. They sit on the board of Change Elemental (formerly Management Assistance Group) which is guided by these five core principles. So...The last time we saw each other we were both reading N.K. Jemisin - a favorite author for us each.A special thank you to Seattle-band Zoser for letting us use his new song “Quarantine" - just released on August 5th on his new EP “Evolve” - you are gonna love his music! This is a brand new podcast and we could use all the help we can get! The best way to support us is by subscribing on your fav pod player, rating us (esp on iTunes...yeah, I know) and honestly...share it out to friends and colleagues. The purpose is  Write us any time at hello@theethicalrainmaker.com or visit us at theethicalrainmaker.com.

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